Welcome to "Your Legacy Stories" podcast. I'm your host, Natalie McQueen. My mission is to help you craft the legacy you deserve. On this show my guests share moments of purpose, wisdom and traditions that shaped their world... and of course, their legacy stories. My guest today is Lynn Sanders. Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Difference Makers Media an award-winning creative writing and media firm, dedicated to creating, telling and sharing inspirational stories that make a positive impact in the world. Lynn is known as the Story Empowerment Coach, having attracted 6-figure donations, doubled memberships and increased followers for her clients. Lynn is also a best-selling, award-winning writer, media host, speaker and promotional consultant, who is committed to bringing more positive stories into our world. Lynn is a contributing writer in several best-selling anthologies, and the editor for two recent best sellers. Lynn also scripted and co-produced a nationally award-winning film and adapted one of her children’s stories into a musical.

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